How to contribute to TheFlutterWay’s YouTube channel

Try to follow as many following principles as possible:

  • You should host your project code on GitHub. Links to code should be included in the video’s description.
  • For voiceover make sure the audio quality is good enough.
  • You should remove any long pauses or mistakes during your editing process.
  • Each section should be listed in the video’s description, along with a link to the specific time code in the video. (For example, adding “3:31” in the video description will link to that part of the video.)
  • Make sure all text on screen is large enough that someone could read it on a mobile phone.
  • Your instructions should be clear and simple enough for viewers who already have the specified prerequisite skills to be able to follow.

Common Questions:

Can I submit speed code?

  • Yes, But make sure speed code only for creating UI.

Should I show my face in the corner using a webcam?

  • If you’re comfortable with this, then yes.

Do I need to use a specific operating system or IDE?

  • You can use whatever tools you have on-hand and feel comfortable with.

Can I play music in the background?

  • For speed code yes, otherwise recommend not playing music.

What resolution should I record at?

  • As high a resolution (and frame rate) as possible. YouTube will offer viewers the opportunity to choose their own resolution on playback.

What about video duration?

  • Minimum 10 minutes.



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